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Tips and Tricks to Get the Items You Want

Items in Your Cart Can Still Be Bought by Someone Else  

Since each of our items are unique (there's only one of each) and our prices are amazing, it's common for more than one person to want the same item.   Dropping an item into your cart does NOT mean that someone else can't buy it. Until you actually go through the whole checkout process, someone else can still purchase that item.  

We do this so that an amazing item doesn't get left in someone's cart for hours or days while they decide whether they want it or not.  

Items Purchased May Be Bought by Someone Else In-Store

We are working hard to keep our online shopping experience up-to-date with available items to shop. However, due to customers shopping our items both in-store and online, not all items on our Shopify website are guaranteed to be in stock. If an item in your order is no longer available, we will remove that item from your order, give you a full refund of that item, and send you an email/text notification of the refund.

Use the "Sort" and "Filter" options

With so MANY amazing items, it can really help to narrow down your search.  Once you've arrived at the "collection" you're most excited about, "Girls athletic tops", for instance, you can be more specific with your search.  You can change what items are shown based on brand using the "filter by" button.  You can also sort by price by using the "sort by" option.

 Tell us What You Want to See

We're still new to this whole thing, so we are super excited to get your feedback.  Tell us how we can make the site better and which items we should add more of.  We may have over 1,000 items, but that's only a small fraction of what we have in our brick and mortar store!  Talk to us on instagram and facebook.